The Pole Star Digital May Roundup

June 6, 2017 - 5 minutes read

Here at Pole Star Digital we like to keep to keep our finger on the pulse of digital marketing. There’s always something new to learn and the beauty of our industry is that there’s thought leaders willing to share their knowledge of new tools, techniques and processes.

As well as sharing our insights on the blog, we also want to publish a monthly round up featuring the best resources and examples of digital marketing campaigns we’ve discovered. Take a look below at some of the best guides, articles and decks we’ve found in May.

The HubsSpot Startup Marketing Blueprint

HubSpot have teamed up with Adobe Spark, Vidyard,, and AdStage to develop the Startup Marketing Blueprint. This is a handy marketing guide is perfect for small businesses looking to develop their in-house marketing efforts, to new marketers just starting out in the industry.

The Startup Marketing Blueprint is free to download, and includes a breakdown of the tools needed for effective internal communication, external distribution, optimisation, learning resources, a guide on how to create buyer personas, information on how to hire and train a marketing team, as well as detailed budget templates for content, paid advertising and website redesign.

The Moz Guide To Implementing SEO Changes Using Google Tag Manager

Next up we have a handy guide from Distilled’s Sam Nemzer for implementing SEO changes using Google Tag Manager published on the Moz blog.

The guide focuses on using Google Tag Manager (GTM) as a solution for implementing SEO changes without the need of a developer making changes to the page, such as custom HTML snippets. By using GTM you can apply page changes to a site with a single tag to change elements like page titles, canonical tags, and on-page content. Nemzer goes into detail on how to to make HTML changes using GTM as well as extracting data from the page.

Top Facebook Updates That You Can’t Afford to Miss From AdEspresso

There aren’t just constant changes in SEO, social media platforms also publish developments in a breakneck fashion. AdEspresso, a Facebook marketing tool, is a great place to keep abreast of changes in Facebook as they produce a monthly roundup of Facebook updates. The May edition features information around the advances in:

  • Facebook marketing analytics

  • The new games feature in the Messenger app

  • Advances in Facebook Dynamic Ads

  • New entry questions for access to Facebook Groups

A Guide To The New Facebook Delivery Insights From AdStage

Following on from the roundup from AdStage, a paid marketing automation tool (who have a great blog!), have produced a guide to the new Facebook Delivery Insights. This guide looks at the newly redesigned Delivery Insights dashboard that’s been developed to help advertisers better understand the performance of their ad sets, providing metrics on ad delivery and the dynamics of the ad marketplace.

If you’re new to Facebook ads this guide offers detailed explanations on how to:

  • Access Delivery Insights
  • advice on interpreting the Audience Saturation and Auction Overlap dashboards
  • guidance on reducing Auction Overlap and Audience Saturation
The Digital PR/Content Marketer’s Essential Toolkit From Branded3

This month Branded3’s Laura Crimmons has shared her 3XE Digital presentation The Digital PR/Content Marketer’s Essential Toolkit on Slideshare. In this presentation Crimmons shares her top tools and apps that can help with link acquisition and content marketing. The deck provides insights on how to:

  • find and understand your audience
  • discover link opportunities
  • advice on idea generation techniques
  • tips on building contact lists and ideas for content promotion

This is a great resource for content marketing and digital PR specialists.


We hope you’ll find these resources as insightful as we have. Keep an eye on the blog to access periodic insights from Pole Star Digital, from decks from recent events we’ve spoken at to case studies looking at the techniques we’ve implemented in digital marketing campaigns for our clients. If you’ve got any comments, want to share resources you’ve created/discovered this month, drop a comment below or tweet us at @PoleStarDigital!