Here at Pole Star Digital, our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is at the heart of everything we do. From our company values, where and how we choose to work, to the people we work with, both directly and indirectly.

 - We are paper-free where possible

 - We recycle

 - We minimise the use of non-biodegradable substances in the workplace

 - We use reusable water bottles

 - Our lights are connected to sensors so automatically turn off when not in use

 - We promote emissions free transport and are registered with Cyclescheme

 - We support local learning institutions by guest lecturing at Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University

 - We undertake pro-bono work for local charities

 - We regularly collaborate and share insights with professionals within our community

 - Briony Gunson is a contributing author to the book 'Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approach' published by Routledge and produced by lecturers from the University of Salford.


 - We are an accredited living wage employer

 - We are an active member of Manchester Digital 

Employee Satisfaction

 - We are an equal opportunities employer

 - Each employee has an individual training and development plan

 - We offer an annual training and development budget for each employee

 - We offer flexible working hours

 - We actively promote staff welfare and encourage a healthy work-life balance

 - Employees can access weekly yoga sessions to promote work health and wellbeing